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    Common Resource are pioneers in successful urban permaculture design. We combine experience and innovation with sociocratic decision making. Ideas grow to scale and contribute to a sustainable future.

    External design teams validate our best practice and ensure we apply best practice in corporate social responsibility.

  • Implementation


    We specialise in the of innovative designs. Implementations feature incremental design. Once embedded, projects grow to scale and achieve maximum benefit. Many of our projects designs are available for use on a license basis. Contact us for details.

    Many of our designs are available for use on a social licence basis.

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  • Engagement


    All projects need the support of staff, volunteers and the wider community.

    We introduce Sociocratic decision-making to enable dynamic and responsive governance and buy-in and support at all levels of the organisation. We embed dynamic govenance at all decision-making levels of a project, let us show you how.
    External partners validate our projectsby participating in our Design Teams. They also give feedback and review the published results of our work .

    We have developed a proven track record. Find out how we can help you.
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  • Middle East

    Benefit from our extensive experience in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Ethiopia.
  • Eastern Europe

    Help when you need advice accessing markets in Latvia and Russia.
  • Urban Planning

    We work strategically and operationally to develop more sustainable communities.
  • Health

    We share the aspirations of the Fit Cities movement.
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Join Our Mission

  • Design Teams +

    We use Design Teams to validate our work, would you like us to recruit one for you?
  • Volunteer +

    We are always looking for volunteers. Why not join us? Expand your interests and refresh your CV!
  • Internship +

    When are looking for a solid opportunity, look here.
  • Bring Your Idea +

    We can bring your idea to life! Get in touch!!
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Get Started With Us

  • Co-Working +

    We can provide desk-space by the day, week or month. Internet and coffee included :)
  • Training +

    Come to one of our workshops to kickstart your ideas. All are held in easy-to-reach Dalston.
  • Web space +

    Need to hire web-space? Maybe a web-site? We can help provude both and specialise in starter sites.
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How We Work

  • Design Teams +

    We use Design Teams to validate our work, would you like us to recruit one for you?
  • Trials +

    All of our designs are thoroughly tested before going public.
  • Scaling +

    We design our interventions to work at the local, as well as regional and national scale.
  • Partnership +

    We work in partnership to achieve maximum impact and buy-in for our designs.
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Evidence Based Action

  • From Then to Now
  • From Trial to Permanence
  • Natural Resource
  • Governance

Open Money

Common Resource are leaders in the global roll-out of community currency systems. Check out

the Open Money website.



The developers of Open Money trialled their work via LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems) in the 90's.

Our designs are based on hard work and experience.



RECREDS is a points system designed to incentivise recycling behaviour.

All of our work around recycling is backed up by published papers.

We would be delighted to share or embed our best practice with your project, organisation or company.


Health with Fresh Produce

Using our designs, in Hackney London, seven community produce stalls operate weekly.

Read more



We have pioneered collaborative buying groups in nursery settings.

Sustainable design = low-cost, high-achievement.



We manage and promote the local chapter of Freecycle, recruiting and training local volunteers.

The Circular Economy can only be achieved through the engagement and participation with households and businesses. Common Resource has unrivalled expertise in engaging the community in re-use and recycling activites



RECREDS is short for Recycling Credits. We have conducted two trials to show how it is possilble to incentivise recycling behaviour on social housing estates.

Our nearest rivals are Recyclebank and Local Green Points .



In June 2013 we are trialling the UK's first system of Collaborative Re-use in Hackney, N4..


Tower Hamlets

We pioneered a doorstep collection service in Tower Hamlets between 2004 - 2006.

We achieved over 70% participation and over 40% rates of recycling.

We use Sociocratic Dynamic Governancesystems to ensure engagement, support and participation within our management designs.



Based on the successful 'lean' and 'agile' systems developed in Holland in the 1970's.


The Design Team

We recruit independent design teams to overview and validate our designs.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch


Community Empowerment

Les Moore served with distinction as Chair of Hackney Community Empowerment Network and on the Board of the Local Strategic Partnership between 2005 and 2010.